OCG Ladies Society Members Roster

To my beautiful southern belles,

Congrats!  It has been my ultimate pleasure to meet and greet each of you ladies, either at dance class, at our 9h Texas Military Ball, or OCG Cemetery Dedications that we have participated in within the last six months.  Not to mention the 110th Stock Show Parade!  Kudos Ladies!  I am forwarding to you the assignments I have made, based on your proven leadership abilities.  If you feel this is above your station or the home situation does not warrant these duties, please feel free to call me.  (817) 732-3347 Home, (817) 978-5877 Work, (817) 343-4527 cell.

Our men in the field need to be supported in the style with which they deserve.  We belong to an elite organization and have the opportunity to shine.  In the spirit of womanhood!

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Jones Bennett


Ms. Bethanie Allen Programme Assistant

Ms. Judy Lanahan Publicity/Photographer

Mrs. Ruth Goetz Dance & Etiquette Instructor

Mrs. Cindy Stuart Sgt. At Arms

Mrs. Chris McDonough Programme Coordinator

Mrs. BeBe Burris Dedication Coordinator

Judy Jones-Bennett Chair



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